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Shallow Water

Fly Fishing

The ultimate hunt. Giant tailing redfish, cruising snook along a mangrove covered shoreline or a gator trout laid up in a pot hole. The Tarpon Springs area and its surrounding estuaries are home to an abundance to all 3 and call our pristine turtle grass flats home. In certain times of the year we target these species in very shallow crystal clear water. This is strictly a sight fishing game and is somewhat similar to a spot and stalk big game hunt, we pole miles and miles of endless flats looking for laid up fish or cruising fish in transition with the tide. With the weather being generally clear and calm its a very effective time to present a fly to these awesome fish. This style of fishing will put your angling skills to the test and is extremely effective when conditions are in our favor. Join us to complete that slam on fly or just explore a new style of fishing. 

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